2014-15 Winners

A dozen U.S. universities each won a $35,000 micro-grant in the first round of the $1M Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education to seed collaborative news experiments in living labs — their communities. Follow their journey to hack their curriculum through live news experiments. These winners will be featured on our site throughout the year.

Read about the selection process.

The winning schools and their teams are:

Arizona State University — Challenge Fund

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism — Challenge Fund

Florida International University — Challenge Fund

Georgia Collaborative — Challenge Fund

San Diego State University — Challenge Fund

San Francisco State University — Challenge Fund

Texas State University — Challenge Fund

University of Illinois — Challenge Fund

University of Missouri — Challenge Fund

University of New Mexico — Challenge Fund

University of Oklahoma — Challenge Fund

University of Wisconsin-Madison — Challenge Fund

Honorable Mentions

Thirteen schools received honorable mention for their projects: American University, Columbia College, DePaul University, El Paso Community College, Emerson College, Howard University, Mercer University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Kansas, University of Minnesota, USC-Annenberg, Virginia Commonwealth University and West Virginia University. Read more about them here.

Photos by Flickr users: ToastyKen, Lord V, J Pod, kaushik2000, Dylan Passmore, Janitors, doug88888, whosdadog, Scott Beale,  deartistzwei, l hastings and cobalt123.