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ONA Educators Facebook Group

Rewriting J-School

Before the “teaching hospital model” of journalism education: 5 questions to ask

5 Tips for Winning a Grant from the Challenge Fund for J-Education

A student’s take on the teaching hospital model in journalism

An open letter to America’s university presidents

Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the future of journalism education

Can slow-moving universities adapt quickly enough to teach in the digital age?

The information needs of communities

Shaping 21st century journalism

Do universities hear the critics of journalism education

The future of journalism education: 2013 Poynter NewsU survey

Do journalists need a journalism degree? Educators, practitioners disagree

Do journalism schools really need to be teaching hospitals?

Why we need a better conversation about the future of journalism education

Journalism education reform: How far should it go?

Several resources were aggregated from Searchlights and Sunglasses: Field Notes from the Digital Age of Journalism. Chapter two explores the future of journalism education.

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