Samantha Ragland

Digital Content Strategist
The Palm Beach Post

Twitter: @sammyragland
Instagram: sammyragland
Snapchat: flyankles

As the woman you often hear before you see, Samantha has big ideas to match her big personality. When it comes to storytelling, she sees no limits and welcomes the opportunity to experiment, assess and share. A Southerner to the core, Samantha is the Digital Content Strategist at The Palm Beach Post responsible for acquiring and engaging new audiences online. Can you believe Southern hospitality actually translates into the wide and ever-changing world of social media? It does. A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Samantha’s actual career in journalism began only after she spent six years in education — both as an adjunct instructor for Northwood University and as a student achievement specialist for Communities In Schools. Her ability to reach and teach a room of one or of 60 has proven invaluable to The Post as her enthusiasm and patience enables reporters to more easily think about how the narrative of their stories will be received and engaged with in a digital space where a reader’s lifestyle is often in direct competition with the story itself.

Recent Work


This was The Post’s first attempt in the social space to deliver custom content to various platforms — each piece written in a conversational way but presented in the exact way that the platform (Twitter, YouTube, Email, Blog, Snapchat) best receives it. It started out as an experiment to reach a digitally-savvy audience and grew into a brand with a voice and a following. PostNOW was this incredible idea of refusal; as a team, we refused to accept each piece of content as-is. We no longer expected (or even wanted) every piece of content to fit in every box exactly as it was originally written. Instead, each story was tailored to a specific audience and written/presented in a way that the audience would most easily receive it.